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The Soul Society Revolution!!!

The Soul Society Revolution:

What is The Soul Society Revolution- The Soul Society Revolution is a non-violent human, planetary, Galactic, and spiritual-directed movement. the primary goals of this 

movement are as follows: To make social needs; Water, Food, Air, Shelter, energy,  community, communications, medical, and transportation accessible, invested, planned, and utilized for the betterment of all humans. To invest resources, time, infrastructure, and primary focus on the healing, and development of the human being, the planet, human energetic structure, planetary energetic structure, and human connection with the universe/soul. To identify and transmute lower vibrational energies creating what we can identify as problems due to the closing of the energy pathways, into higher vibrational energies resulting in solutions that we can identify due to the opening of energy pathways. To lead by example the actions, thoughts, ideas, strengths, and overall characteristics of learning, understanding, and developing higher-vibrational frequencies of being. To change from a Government, controlled-opposition political system to an individual empowered, council of merit leadership.

The Soul Society revolution seeks to make a future of abundance for everyone however, freedom does not come free.

To bring in a future of abundance we have to change. We have to develop a new perspective of what is important. That things matter, what we eat, our thoughts, our actions, our environment, our friends, everything matters. We can work together to use our resources not just to lessen suffering but to grow ourselves to the next evolution in human advancement., The movement is saying we are going to make this a world of abundance together, by leading the way with love and light.  

Mission- The Mission of the Soul Society Movement is to Lead by example and direct individuals, society, and government toward the divine truth of the human being. This movement seeks to promote and incentivize policies, rules, regulations, and laws that prioritize the development of the individual human being. That promotes solving the root cause of problems with non-violent, Loving, and long-lasting solutions. Address issues focussing on making the needs of Food, Water, Air, shelter, Community, energy Communication, Medical, Education, and Transportation, accessible, invested, and protected for everyone. Unites individuals, communities, and nations to cooperate and collaborate in a movement of peace, prosperity, Compassion, Service, accountability, respect, and oneness. 

By raising the individual and collective consciousness, vibration, and frequency to experience and connect with the Source(God), angels, ancestors, spirits, and galactic allies. Taking Strategic action, we co-create with God to use technology, knowledge, self-mastery, and human potential to lead the way.


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