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Tall mountain

The Brotherhood Of    Self-Mastery
(Men's Meetings)

The Brotherhood of Self-Mastery (project) Overview- This project seeks to take steps in the soul society revolution. This project targets young men just leaving high school, entering college, about to leave college, or any man looking for male guidance and community. This project is broken down into 3 main events. These events are taking place in colorado springs, Colorado, over the summer season.


The first Event focuses on addiction, compulsions, and suicide prevention. The goal is for men to understand the importance of gaining control of their energy. We have speakers from all different walks of life to get on stage and tell their stories. It is a night of adventure and growth through the real-life experiences of men who have overcome adversity.


The second event is a focus on purpose and direction. It will be a fun night around the fire, with workshops, B.B.Q., music, and some of the most outstanding leaders in the Pikes Peak region. We build friendships, give skills, and get focused on what is essential.


The third event is a focus on a new direction. We will dress in our most admirable attire and present ourselves as gentlemen. we will have presentations of young men doing excellent work within the community. We will recognize all who have donated and helped make these events possible. we give the self-mastery challenge with a designed focus on creating within the community as an act of service that will be taken through the year until next summer. This challenge will develop honor, respect, courage, compassion, integrity, heart, accountability, and self-progression. On the final night, we solidify friendships with peers and create partnerships/mentorship with Leaders. We give the tools and direction for a new look at success. With New companies to take on the challenge, access to mentors for guidance, and new skills developed, I am excited to see what these young men can accomplish with the power of Self-mastery.

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