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Pink Clouds
Pink Clouds

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Welcome to the Warrior of Light 719 service page. Here we offer various options to help individuals discover "Who AM I" and  "What can I do." These programs are designed to open energetic pathways within the human system. We help bring methods that cleanse the spirit, develop the body, grow emotional control, develop an understanding of the mind, and become more sensitive to the energetic forces all around. We stress that all sessions are held in a non-judgmental, confidential space and that nothing said will be shared with others. The only exception is if there is intent to harm self or other personnel. Understand that nothing can be done unless you, the individual, wish to do your best when going through the selected program. No one can do it for you. Said best by the great Jim Rohn, "You are the greatest success or failure of your future."

Pink Clouds


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Buddhist Monk Meditating

Mental and Emotional Transmutation Program.

This program is 1 session that can be held at our home-based business location, via Zoom, or at an individually selected location on customer request(additional cost may apply).
The time is  90 Min per session
Price - 100$ per session

Description- In this program, we focus on areas of life we may be facing suffering. W
e sit together, you take as much time as needed to explain the current situation/problem/circumstances. We go over key principles of the human mechanism and natural law.  Without judgment, we discuss areas and ways we are creating blockages. We discuss tools that could be used or implemented to help the individual clear the blockage. These tools can range from mental practices, emotional practices, or physical practices. 

Image by Ian Stauffer

Introduction to Meditation program.

This program is 1 session that can be held at our home-based business location, Zoom, or patient-selected location (additional charges may apply)

Each session is about 60 min.


In this program, I will teach you specific hip, lower back, and hamstring stretches to open the body specifically for meditation. I will teach specific Breathing techniques to open the airway and release tension in the body. We then go over important foundational principles and do a passive-single-point breath meditation for about 20 min. This program is meant to give you all the tools needed to develop your meditation independently. This meditation will prepare and enhance all other meditation practices.

Karate Practice in the Field

Introduction to the Shaolin arts.
(Body/qigong) development progr

This program is 3 sessions that can be held at our home-based business location, Zoom, or patient-selected location(additional charges may apply)

Each session is about 60-90 min.



In this program, we start developing the strength, flexibility, balance, lung capacity, and intention needed to understand and unlock the martial application of qigong. In these 3 sessions, I will teach you specific training methods to develop the capacity, duration, intensity, and volume of the breath. I will teach you the 5 foundational stances of the Shaolin arts and various methods of developing these stances. We will discuss/develop certain mental states of being and intentions. I will teach specific training methods for harmonizing the body, breath, and intention. As a bonus, you will learn the metal fist from the 5 element fist teaching. 

Lit Candles

Beginner Spiritual Course
(Coming Soon)

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