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Warrior members

Welcome to the Warrior Mambers page.
This Page is for those ready to join the Forces of Light!


We are in the middle of a tremendous spiritual war. This war is bringing catastrophic effects in ways unlike we have ever seen. The major problem at the moment is that the darker forces are using Natural law against the people. Natural laws are the rules of this plane in effect whether you know about them or not. Ascended Masters of history all left different teachings to guide humanity. Currently ancient and sacred information is being shared widely in order to stop the darkness. The darker forces can be anyone who is sending out hatred, malice, envy, ill will, and other lower vibrational energies with their actions, thoughts, feelings, and intentions.


The reality is certain entities are using the construct of society to close people's energetic pathways. At the same time are doing a specific ritual in order to take control of all humanity. this ritual will cost many lives as sacrifices. I suggest everyone listen to the Warriors of Light

podcast EP17 "Warning" to Learn more. We will continue to see our reality getting darker until we come together.


We must become stronger and work together to make this world amazing for everyone. we have the technology, resources, and capabilities to make our social needs; food, water, air, shelter, energy, medical, education, communication, and community accessible, free, invested, and protected for everyone.

So Let's Get Started!




Welcome to the Warrior Light training!!!

this training is intended to give the individual a system and tools to develop themselves to open their energetic pathway. We must warn you taking on this training will result in many positive benefits that will change your life for the better. during this training, we will explain many concepts from many different philosophies, ancient texts, Teachings of Ascended masters, scientific principles, and religious backgrounds.


The first subject we must cover is Natural laws. Natural laws are the principles that govern this universe whether you know about them or not. we can use these principles to create the life we want or accidentally bring in hell on earth. The Number one principle we will explain now is the Golden Rule. the rule "Treat others how you want to be treated"  is an easy way to make sure you're protecting yourself. There are many laws to discuss in time but this principle will ensure one does not create as much karma.

What we have to understand is that everything is energy. The air, the TV, the table, you, and everything else in all existence is energy. The human being as energy is explained in the chakra system. The chakra system is from the Indian culture with deep roots in Hinduism. There are different energetic systems from different teachings, and all have great value with their own amazing Tools. We will be looking at the basic main 7 energetic centers. Each center is already open to a certain degree depending on who you are. Using this system you can use different tools to help heal and open various aspects of yourself.

Our Body, Mind, Emotions, and Life Energies are the 3D interpretation of our energy system. We must make these aspects of ourselves stronger in order to properly bring in our ultimate manifestations. For more information on the chakra system please go to the "Wisdom" page.


from this point, we will be giving new information in works of building example training plans, quests, and guidance for multiple aspects of life.  Please look at the Wisdom page and Skill Tree page for more clarification on the format. 

7 principles of man

The human being is extremely impressive. Along with understanding the basic chakra system, we must also understand the 7 principles of man from yogi teachings. here are the 7 principles with quick details to describe each: 

Physical Body- The body that is past dawn by our parents and ancestors.

Astral Body- The energy body that combines the emotional and mental body 

Prana/Life Energies- Force within everything, principle of vibration

Instinctive Mind- animal instinct, Body memory, fueled by 5 senses, 

Intellect Mind-awareness of self, higher level of understanding, goals, desires, Ego 

Spiritual Mind-Higher self, connection with the universe, bigger picture, 

Spirit-ultimate, Buddha, Jesus, Enlightenment, Alchemy.


Life energy



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