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What is a warrior of Light?

A Warrior of light is a Light Worker that has cultivated Warrior energy.  Warrior energy has been used throughout all of human history to stand against the evils of this plain of existence. Warrior energy is an incredibly strong force that focuses all aspects of mind, body, emotions, and Life energy. Warrior energy allows one to push beyond all perceived limitations. A warrior answers the call from the soul, to go even further beyond for the beauty in this realm. When this energy is directed with a definite purpose, what one accomplishes is beyond understanding. A Light Worker is a person who takes it upon themselves to understand the rules, laws, structures, and systems that govern the world we live in. A Light Worker turns inwards to understand "who am I" and "What can I do". They train themselves to understand what is this being that's having a human experience. The Lightworker searches for their truth. Upon finding their truth they bring it to the world for the betterment of all human beings.    


All About The Warriors of Light

all of us have an amazing destiny

As Warriors of Light, we aim to help save the world and make life beautiful for everyone. We see so much potential that we can't turn a blind eye to the possibilities. We are working to create systems that use the right technologies, people, and energy to make this life beautiful for everyone. In my opinion, there's nothing more important than people. We are Divine beings that are capable of anything. 


We seek to heal ourselves to transmute the lower vibrational energy to higher frequencies of Love. What that looks like is cultivating Love in the most epic ways possible. Our first move is to make basic needs accessible, invested, and protected for everyone. To do this, we're looking at our food system. 

Currently, our water supply is in a dire state. It has taken only 20 years to utilize 50% of the Colorado River. The current system is creating problems over collaboration. We see water shortages in California and the lakes in Nevada. The biggest issue is that about 80% of the water is used for agriculture.

Agriculture needs to change, in my opinion, I hope to see regenerative agriculture take place. Our system is destroying organisms within the soil, making it dry and unable to retain water. Also, our everyday food has lost about 4x the nutritional quality from about 80 years ago. The current practices are highly inefficient and harmful. 

There are many issues we face daily. However, I believe everything is connected. How we treat each other, ourselves, and this planet is all from a lack of Love. When we start looking at ourselves with forgiveness, compassion, and unconditional Love. We can accomplish anything.

We have been working with the community at different food distribution locations. The thing is, we can make a system in which we get power back over our food. We see that all is connected, so prepare for our next big move. We are putting together a project bringing together many solutions, especially for the homeless population. 

Sneek Peak-  A place of healing unlike any other.

So if you like, show some support and aid in the fight for good vs. evil. Get involved and volunteer at your favorite organizations. Donate your time, money, or energy to what you believe. Join and become a warrior of Light.  

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Abstract Clouds

My name is White Wolf

Hello, and thank you for reading. My name is White Wolf and I am a warrior of Light.  Before I realized who I was, I went by my legal name Dallas Gardner. When I turned 18  I served in the US Army infantry for Eight years. During that time I had many experiences such as deployment, getting married, having children, and learning what it means to become a leader. After leaving the Military in April of 2021 I faced many difficulties navigating life. I wasn't taking myself seriously, I was lost without purpose, I was doing things that made me hate myself and I couldn't find where I fit in. Finally being brought to my knees I earnestly strived for a change with the love of God. God led me to the yogi Arts where I learned how to start overcoming my addictions and how to heal. through volunteering, Spiritual development, and trusting in God, I was led down the path of redemption. I had gone on a journey of understanding "Who am I" and "What can I do". On this journey,  I had grown to a point where I could release all my secrets. At that moment, I realized that I would create a Lightworker organization. At the same time, I had started the battle of my life losing many of whom I called friends and fighting to get my children back in my life. Through God's grace and guidance, I've learned, utilized, practiced, and developed myself to be able to overcome anything and to have my children every step of the way. With God leading me to the teachings of the Yogi arts, Shaolin arts, occult knowledge, and wisdom of the ascended masters, I overcame PTSD, alcohol addiction, porn addiction, sex addiction, marijuana addiction, food addiction, spending addiction, depression, anxiety, and childhood trauma. Now I am Disciplined, focused, and dedicated to my mission of building up the kingdom of spirits and making this world peaceful, loving, and joyous for everyone. I now Guide other individuals in understanding energy through the development of the body, mind, emotions, and life energies. We all have a mission, I lead by example everything I say and now I'm able to help others manifest their soul's purpose. We are all divine beings with limitless possibilities and it is time we learn our true capabilities. We are going to make this world beautiful for all our brothers, sisters, and the next 7-plus generations. 

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