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Welcome to the Warriors of Light 719 our mission Is to save the World!

Under the title Soul Society are powerful affirmations to help keep a strong state of mind!

Clouds in the Sky

our focus

We focus on the studies, research, teachings, documents of the mind, the world, energy, frequency, vibration, the human system, sustainable practices, art, creativity, rituals for light, esoteric teachings, Alchamey, yoga, chakra, and self-mastery.

We are at an incredible time in human history. The world is vastly changing. We can no longer ignore certain truths about the world, governments, and society. As we currently see impending catastrophic events on the horizon, we know we can change everything for the betterment of all mankind. We seek to use the ancient teachings of the ascended masters and those of The Initiate Of The Flame to strengthen the people's Souls. We seek to open the energetic pathways of the human being and planet. We seek to make Basic needs; Food, water, Air, shelter, energy, communications, community, medical, education, and transportation; free, accessible, invested, and protected for everyone. 

We Bring the SOUL Society Revolution-

A non-violent solution to today's problems!


Rudolf Steiner

hermes trismegistus

Manly p Hall

Napleon hill

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